Saturday, November 8, 2008

It’s Fun to be a Ghost. . .

The first week's rehearsals are completed for The Relevant Stage's production of The Christmas Carol.

With the short lead time until we open December 4, we will be off-book before completing the 2nd week of rehearsals. The Ancient One is lucky in that regard. Not only does he have all the fun of portraying the Ghost of Jacob Marley but he has the advantage of being only in one scene, albeit the scene that provides the basis for Scrooge's journey and transformation. I'm guessing that Marley will spend more time in the make-up chair than he will on stage. But it's such a rich character role.

The actors also will serve as walking billboards to publicize the production. There's nothing quite like a T-shirt to advertise an upcoming event. I'll be curious to see if anyone actually stops me to ask about the play as I wear it on my daily walks.

Now back to learning the rest of my lines. I hope a lot of folks find their way to the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, December 4-7. As Marley's Ghost tells Scrooge, "I want much with you!" Do come out to see The Ancient One rattle his chains! It's a fine new script with plenty of Christmas caroling throughout.


Eric Valentine said...

Congratulations Leon on the part of Jacob Marley.

That movie "Christmas carol" is my most favorite of all movies, but of course it has to be the master "Alister Sim" as scrooge, nobody I've ever seen does it like he does.. I have only missed watching that movie five times in the last forty years.. LOL

I think I could almost say the lines and usually do when I'm watching... Have a good run my friend and the best of luck with your new venture.. :)

Leon said...

Thanks ERIC. This is my 2nd production of Christmas Carol. The 1st was about 10 years ago and Marley was one of several roles I played then. I am delighted that I get to rattle chains and provide a ghostly scream again this year.