Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Reunion and its Consequences

We were in San Diego for 4 days for a Brenner family reunion. Relatives were there from Missouri, Florida and across southern California. Part of the reunion was a celebration of Sy's 87th birthday. It was a wonderful long weekend even though there was less than an hour of sunshine the whole time.

Like any good family reunion, most of the activity was carried out in the midst of food. Dinner Friday at Harbor House in Seaport Village, Saturday night at the Jamacha Grille in El Cajon, Sunday brunch at our hotel with deli brought in from D.Z. Akin's, and a serendipitous dinner Sunday night at Brian's Eatery in downtown San Diego. Food, food and more food! Talk, talk and more talk! Memories galore. Remembering places and people long forgotten.

Oh, was it fun. Oh, was the food good. Do you think The Ancient One's cardiologist will believe him when he says that he really lost weight over the past three months . . . but then gained 8 pounds just by attending a family reunion? Well, we'll see what happens at this afternoon's appointment.

I mean, how can you go to a family reunion and not overeat? It's part of a full life. You understand, don't you Doctor?


savannah said...

i certainly understand, sugar, ;~D if that helps at all... xoxox

Darlene said...

A friend of mine once pointed out that all of life's important celebrations from birth to death center around food. Nourishment for the soul as well as the body, I guess.

It's so hard to lose weight and I have never understood why it is so easy to gain it. Sigh!

Shauna Roberts said...

I believe it! One research study I read a few years ago credited the weight most people gain during their adult years to the extra food eaten at Thanksgiving and Christmas.