Friday, February 23, 2007

History of a name. . .

I'm really not that ancient; just 69 as I enter the world of blogging. But the title of the blog is one given me by my children several years ago. It started because with the 2 younger children, I was always the oldest dad on parents night at school; I was well into my forties when they were born. One day one of them (I won't name names) called me "The Ancient One." I replied that they could use that title only if those words were followed by "Blessed Be He." They agreed to my stipulation.

Nowadays, if they are present and one calls me The Ancient One, the others immediately intone Blessed Be He. I would like to think that they call me that out of love and respect. After all, they still use the name and they are currently 23, 25 and 39 years old with their birthdays scheduled to arrive in the next several months.

So that's the story behind the name of this blog which likely will contain the ramblings of this retired college professor/administrator who still does consulting and is an "aspiring" actor, I hope that eventually my children read what I write here. It might contain some bits of family history that I haven't already told them hundreds of times. It might include my thoughts and feelings about events that surround us. It will probably contain a lot of words about topics that haven't even crossed my mind. And. . .I may even find that I am not suited to blogging. Only time will tell.

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Kalynne Pudner said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, Leon! I'm so glad you found me and nominated me for Blogrush (did you see I'm unique now?); otherwise I may never have visited.

I love this story about the name! It does remind me a little of one between my father and my eldest daughter. Once Betsy (I think she was 14) learned that Grandpa had dentures, she asked him to take them out and show her what he looked like without them. He complied, and she said it made her want to call him "Grandpappy." He agreed, but stipulated that when his dentures were in, she had to call him "Venerable Grandfather."

So she has done, to this day.

I think he would like "The Ancient One, Blessed Be He," even more.