Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back in the Courtroom…

I was back in the courtroom today and it felt great. Actually, it was not a real courtroom. This one was located on a soundstage at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA. I was one of the spectators for a trial on the ABC series Boston Legal. The last time I worked on this program was in August, 2007 when they started shooting for the current season.

Today's shoot was very special because it was the first background job I booked since getting my SAG card. As is true with most extra work, more time was probably spent on networking and socializing with the other extras than in actually sitting in on the filming of the trial. Boston Legal is my favorite TV series to work on and I think this was my 14th day on the set in the past 2 seasons. The whole production team is great and the background actors are treated well. AND . . . it's only a 20 minute drive on surface streets from our home to the studio. (Folks who know Los Angeles understand what a plus that is!)

It was wonderful getting back to work. I also have one summer movie project set which I will talk about in a few weeks. Hopefully, SAG and the producers will agree on a new, fair contract before the current one runs out on June 30 and there will be no interruption of film and TV work.

Now, if only I can get a speaking role!


Cameron said...

How exciting!

I hope all goes smoothly with SAG with the upcoming negotiations.

Judith Shapiro said...

Cameron took the words right out of my mouth - How exciting! How will we know when to look for you in the courtroom?

Leon said...

Cameron: I too hope the negotiations go well and that there is no strike.

Judith: Thanks. I am not sure I will actually be seen. The episode is one in which there is a lawsuit challenging the marketing of beef from cloned cattle. At the end of the trial, I am seated in the last row of spectator seats on the left side (facing the judge; right side facing away from the judge). In the earlier stages of the trial I am out in the hallway with 2 other extras crossing back and forth past the door. If seen, it will probably be a somewhat blurry shadow. But that's the life of an extra; you never know until a show airs whether you get any camera time. And, I confess, extra work does not really require any great acting skill. It does require patience, a high tolerance for sitting around and sufficient reading material to get you through the day.