Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An Observation. . .

I just read an article that announced that the Energy Department in Washington believes that gasoline prices will peak at $3.60 a gallon in June. I must say I find that curious. Since last Saturday I have paid $3.699 in both the Los Angeles area and San Diego.

Maybe, once in a while, the folks in D.C. ought to talk to all of us out here footing the bill! We could tell them what's really happening!

Oh well, The Ancient One must show his cantankerous side every so often. ;~D

P.S. (4/9/2008) - Back home in Palos Verdes, this morning I found the price of gas at the 2 stations nearest to where we live at $3.759 per gallon.

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Rex Hoss said...

Boy I couldn't agree with you more. Gas Prices and the Government's opinion about them are in completely different solar systems. Not only should they check with us out here in SoCal, but they should get a reality check and start doing something about things!