Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Peahens on Parade

A few days ago I wrote about the PEACOCKS parading on our street (see previous post). Well, today was Ladies' Day as I spotted 3 PEAHENS strutting along while I was on my morning walk. (You may have to click on the photo to get a clear view.)

Shortly after I took the above picture with my cell phone camera, I was sitting at home and heard walking on the roof. Although I quickly dashed outside with the good camera and discovered that it was the hens I was hearing above my head, they would not cooperate and I could not get a clear shot.

That's it. The last peafowl photo of 2009. Enjoy!


Betty said...

They're just so drab next to the peacocks, poor things. You'd think they'd have heard of lipstick, wouldn't you? lol

Eric Valentine said...

The last shot of 2009? Oh my where did that year go Leon! LOL

Have yourself a good entry into the New Year my friend, who knows what this one will bring.. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

We get walking on our roof that is loud as heck sometimes. I'm pretty sure it's squirrels.

Leon said...

BETTY - Ah, a new phrase we can add to political lexicon, "Lipstick on a Peahen."

ERIC, my friend, thank you for the good wishes. I figure that 2009 has nowhere to go but up. Stay well and keep posting.

CHARLES - We get squirrels too but they are not as heavy footed as the peafowl.

Shauna Roberts said...

I had forgotten the females wore crowns too. They do look very royal in this photo. I hope there are more peafowl pictures in 2009.