Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peacock Colors on Display

It happened Sunday morning while I was out walking. I came upon a peacock and several peahens. I do believe he was trying to impress the ladies as he displayed his colors in full.

When the peahens in attendance did not seem overly impressed, he offered them a different view.

You can see by their reactions how much the "turning tail" helped his cause. I think I was more impressed by his display, both front and back, than the young ladies were.



Charles Gramlich said...

Oh, the peahens were impressed. They were just playing it cool.

savannah said...

these are the things i miss about lalaland1 thanks, sugar! xox

Josie2Shoes said...

So amazing, what a cool thing to witness!

Leon said...

CHARLES, SAVANNAH, JOSIE - Thanks for your comments.