Monday, January 7, 2008

Blatant Self-Promotion (2)

On December 20, I wrote about a commercial shoot I had done for the 4 propositions on the February 5 California ballot support Indian Gaming Compacts that had been negotiated by the Governor. As chance would have it, that was the 2nd commercial I had done for the Compacts. I first wrote about this last April and included a copy of the 1st commercial.

For me, there was a major difference in this commercial: I had a two-word line "Senior Citizens" about half-way through. If you watch the following carefully, you will see The Ancient One's 2-seconds of fame. It started running last Thursday and will continue ad nauseum up until the February 5 primary election.

I have even gotten a few calls and e-mails from friends and family around the state who wondered if that was me. Yes, it was. That was my last non-union gig before I got my SAG card. Now on to bigger and better things! I may yet get discovered!


Eric Valentine said...

Very nice Leon, it was really nice to 'hear your 2 seconds' of fame. These little jaunts are so wonderful when you actually get screened. :)

Well done my friend. :)

Kalynne Pudner said...

How nicely you did that! It makes me want to go vote in the California referendum.

It also reminded me I should post (or at least blog about) my twins' political commercial debut. They played kids stuck in traffic on the way to a family water park outing, in support of a Fairfax County (VA) supervisor. G-Twin, who fancies herself the next Hannah Montana, was devastated to discover that her role had been reduced to one second of pseudo-excited jumping up and down, while unassuming B-Twin's goggle-bedecked face was featured throughout...even the final voice-over was his: "Are we there yet? I'm getting hungry."

Leon said...

Thanks Eric! They have been running the commercial so much, I really wish I was getting residuals. . .but no such luck. But I have gotten phone calls and e-mails from friends around the state who have seen it.

Leon said...

Good to hear from you Kalynne. Is your husband now in Michigan working for the son of my former Governor?:-)