Saturday, January 12, 2008

Relevant Theatre. . .

A new company premieres its first offering at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro on January 31. The Relevant Stage has an ambitious first season. It starts with Acts of Desperation (January 31-February 3); Over There, Over Here (May 29-June 1); Urinetown: The Musical (August 7-17); Bat Boy: The Musical (October 9-19); and Reinventing Eden (December 11-14). What all of the company's offerings have in common is that they are "relevant;" they look at issues that we face in society and force us to think about them and reach our own conclusions.

As it happens, I was cast last weekend as Grandpa in the one-act play Bang Bang You're Dead which is part of the multimedia production Acts of Desperation which opens the season on January 31. I started rehearsals this past Tuesday and tomorrow will be doing a film shoot for Grandpa's monologues which will be shown on screen, integrated into the live performance of the place.

Click on these links to learn more about The Relevant Stage and its mission, the opening production of Acts of Desperation and the historic Warner Grand Theatre which opened in 1931 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

And better yet, come on out in 3 weeks to welcome this new theatre company to San Pedro and the South Bay. I am honored and excited to be part of the premiere production.


Eric Valentine said...

I am speechless at the accomplishments you achieve at this stage of your life Leon..

Once again congrats are in order and rightly so, ~ you are an amazing man. I tip my hat to you my friend. :)

Leon said...

Well Eric, I look at it in a different way. Some folks go fishing, some play golf, some play bridge; I get up on stage or try to get in front of a camera. It's what keeps me active and learning lines for plays does my my mind alert. I do appreciate the kind words but I am really only doing what I enjoy and what is a lot of fun. :-)