Monday, January 28, 2008

Peacock Posing in the Breeze

It has rained a lot here the past few days but I found a sunny, windy window of time yesterday morning to take my walk. And that was when I came upon the peacock pictured below. He seemed to be posing on top the wall, facing into the wind and enjoying the brisk breeze ruffling his feathers.

He seemed to be enjoying himself so much that he remained in the same position on the wall as I walked around to get a profile view of this majestic bird.

I do thank him for brightening up the start of my day!


Eric Valentine said...

Those are great shots Leon, he must know you don't need him for Sunday dinner!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Being a Southern California peacock, I was amazed NOT to see the "NBC" logo! whazzup with THAT?


Linda said...

That's awesome. I once saw a peacock outside of my friend's house. It climbed up a tree and got stuck there. Until that time, I didn't even know they can climb trees...LOL.

Leon said...

Eric: He must have recognized me from the past. You know, "Here comes the crazy guy with the camera again. Maybe I'll give him a little show this time." :~D

Cameron: I think he was a distant cousin of the NBC "logo model" living here in the 'burbs.:~)

Linda: Thanks for stopping by. Peafowl really do have the ability to fly although it's usually just to get from the ground to the top of a wall or onto a roof. Do come back again!