Monday, March 10, 2008

Gremlins Strike Again. . .

There I was, a few minutes ago, doing a final read through before uploading a post about the wonderful concerts performed in Redondo Beach last week by Charlotte Diamond. She enthralled 2,400 preschool age children and their teachers. I was feeling good about what I had written and looked forward to sharing it with those who happened by.

And then the gremlins attacked! The computer froze. The saved copy of the file simply disappeared. The working copy could not be opened; all attempts to do so yielded a message that the file was "corrupt." How could that be?

Once again the technology reminds me that I am less in control than I think I ought to be. I don't know if I can recreate the post. It is getting late and I am tired.

As I say whenever the gremlins strike: Arghhhhhh!!!!!!

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Shauna Roberts said...

I can sympathize. From Friday through Monday, I could not back up or use my printer, and I spent most of Monday trying different ways to fix the problems.

Gremlins seem too benign an entity to blame. Demons, perhaps, are to blame.