Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sluefoot Sue and Pecos Bill @ CCPT

It was a very bright, sunny day as the 2nd weekend opened for Culver City Public Theatre's 2008 season. I had the camera and got some great pictures, except that the blending of sun and shade on the performance area made it difficult to make all the faces clear. Anyway, I do present the following from today's performance of Sluefoot Sue and Pecos Bill with apologies to actors who are not totally recognizable. [Note: I retook pictures on Sunday, July 27 and switched out the following for the originals. I used a flash in the bright sunlight and, while not totally successful, I was able to make the actors' faces a bit more recognizable.]

Donna Donnelly (Ma)

Dean Edward (Orlo Hightower) & Sharon Munfus (Louisiana Lu)

Josh Gren (Catfish McGraw), Nicole Nelson Sluefoot Sue) & Blake Anthony (Pecos Bill)

Josh Gren (Catfish McGraw) & Eric Billitzer (Caterpillar Pete)

Barry Nackos (Marshall Doom)

Pecos Bill & Widowmaker

Sluefoot Sue and Pecos Bill runs Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00 noon through August 24 at Paul Carlson Park (Motor and Braddock) in Culver City. Bring the kids for an hour filled with pure ole Wild West fun.


Charles Gramlich said...

Marshall doom? This sounds like a lot of fun.

Leon said...

Great fun, CHARLES! All of the characters have their delightful little quirks.

Gust said...

The Marshall Doom character was great and the play was excellent!