Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sluefoot Sue & Pecos Bill at CCPT (Encore)

After my problems with the photos of yesterday's performance of Sluefoot Sue & Pecos Bill (see previous post following this one), I retook pictures today using a flash in the hope I might lessen or get rid of shadows. As a result, I switched out the pictures in the previous post. And now I add some additional pictures from today's performance. First, a cast photo:

L to R: Josh Gren, Donna Donnelly, Blake Anthony, Derrick Billitzer, Heidi Dotson (Playwright and Director [kneeling], Sharon Munfus, Dean Edward (top), Nicole Nelson and Barry Nackos

Next, the vanquished, yet beloved, Clarence the bear who loses a wrestling match with Sluefoot Sue:

Catfish McGraw proving he's a "thinking man.:"

Ma, incognito:

And, finally, Widowmaker, one nasty horse who has "sent 13 men to early graves:"

And a closing thank you to an incredible audience today. Why, those kids loved the show so much that a couple of the toddlers kept trying to run on to the stage. Credit should also be given to a couple of very quick fathers who caught those kids before they could join the cast.

For information on Culver City Public Theatre (CCPT) and this summer's performance schedule, click here.


Charles Gramlich said...

Widowmaker does indeed look like a dangerous mount.

Leon said...

Thanks CHARLES. Yes, "he's a mean one!"