Saturday, March 10, 2007

Everything's up-to-date in Culver City. . .Urinal-wise that is

There I was the other night walking into a Men's Restroom in the Culver City Veterans Memorial Building. Having been there many times over the years, I immediately noticed that new plumbing had been installed, most notably nonflush urinals. As I sttod before one of these new sleek models (Sorry, no photos), I noticed a small sign affixed to the wall. It informed me that this new model of urinal would save 40,000 gallons of water per year!!! I re-read the sign because that seemed like an incredible claim. And yes, it did say 40,000 gallons!

When I finished and looked about, I counted 10 urinals in that restroom. An annual savings of 400,000 gallons of water. Amazing! And that is just one restroom in one building. Imagine the impact! Yes, indeed, everything's up to date in Culver City. I always have liked that community.

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