Friday, March 2, 2007

Old Friends and Good Memories

We had lunch today with Nancy and Bob Bond (from Hamilton, NY) who were passing through LA on their way to New Zealand and Australia. Nancy and I go back nearly 40 years when her late husband, Bob Fairbanks, and I were colleagues at SUNY Albany. I thought of when that carefree soul was taken from us too soon in January, 1970 (if my memory serves me right). We laughed about moving a large aluminum rowboat into their house and placing it under the Christmas tree for their 3 sons. The following spring, I was the lucky one who got to take the boys to see their first major league game and watching their wide-eyed wonder when they first saw Yankee Stadium. And then Nancy married Bob Bond and blended their families with 6 kids and they have made a beautiful life together for the past 35 years.

Bob, Nancy and me outside of Gaetano's Restaurant in Torrance

Oh those memories. When my son Bill was small (he’s 39 now) we spent a lot of time with Nancy and Bob and it was very special even if some of the details have become fuzzy around the edges over the years. It was good to see them again and share the “good old days.” This was a day that added to that feeling of wonderment about how our lives evolve and the mazelike journey we take from youth through the many decades of our existence. Thank you Nancy and Bob.

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