Friday, March 9, 2007

A Tail of Many Colors

One of the great joys of living in Palos Verdes is the presence of peafowl. On the way home this morning I was surprised, as I rounded a curve, by a peacock with his tail fanned out in its full glory. The picture below does not do him credit; it took me too long to retrieve the camera and take it.

Oddly enough, these beautiful creatures are the source of great controversy in the community. People either love these birds or hate them. We are in the first group as we enjoy thier beauty and sometimes funny behavior. But there are those who feel that the size of their droppings, the penetrating sound of their call and their propensity to feed on plants and berries is reason enough to get rid of them. In our neighborhood, the flock was thinned out several years ago amid great debate. It has now grown back to a level where I expect the debate to flare once again. And that's not a pleasant thought. Live on you brilliant birds and continue to bring joy to those of us who rejoice in your beauty.

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