Friday, May 30, 2008

More Prey

I am a fan of Lucas Davenport, around whom John Sandford's Prey mysteries revolve. Davenport is a classy cop/investigator working, in the later novels out of the Governor's office in Minnesota. The latest Sandford opus, that I just read, is Invisible Prey, a multi-layered murder mystery that draws in the art community and, as a common denominator, some quilts that have taken on enormous value.

Davenport works closely with St. Paul police after a "wealthy woman and her maid" are found murdered. But the case ranges widely, involving other murders, one as far away as Des Moines, Iowa. Added to all the confusion is an attempt by the perpetrators to throw Lucas off the trail by trying to complicate another case he is working on; an investigation and possible prosecution of a state senator who is suspected of being involved with a 15 year old girl.

As the cases rushed to their resolution and I could not put down the book, I was reminded again of why I enjoy following Lucas Davenport through the Prey novels. In fact, my reading in the near future will be dominated by 3 older Sandford Prey mysteries I found at the local Costco. Oh, yes, they were also featuring a collection of David Baldacci thrillers and I have 2 more of those, from his earlier work, to read. That sort of defines my "literary summer", . . . along with everything else that's going on.


Betty said...

I like the "Prey" books, too, although I have kind of fallen behind on my reading of them. David Baldacci is one of my favorites, too. Thanks for the reminder.

Eric Valentine said...

I'm lost in the wilderness my friend, when it comes to reading these days.. perhaps tomorrow will come.. :)

Leon said...

Thanks for stopping by Betty. I'll be immersed in Sandford and Baldacci for the next month or so. They help the morning walks seem to go faster. :)

Leon said...

Ah yes, Eric, tomorrow will surely come. Now that your move is completed, you can turn to other things like reading and those great photos on your most recent post. :~D