Friday, May 2, 2008

What Did He Really Mean?

A couple of weeks ago an e-mail arrived from son Bill over at BillyBlog to let me know that a package of "belated" holiday gifts had finally been mailed. He then went on to say that part of the delay was because he wasn't sure how I would react to the gift designated for me. Last week when the package arrived and was opened, I understood his concern. Donna was obviously pleased with the piece of Lenox china which has been added to her collection. But, partly because of what Bill said in the e-mail, I wasn't sure how to react to receiving the book Clear Blogging by Bob Walsh.

Now, I am relatively new to blogging, having recently passed the one year mark. Bill had a significant head start on me. I thought I was doing okay. I should actually reach the 5,000 hit mark later today according to my site meter. But how was I to react to my oldest son sending me a book on "clear blogging?" Are my posts unclear? Is my amateur blogging status that obvious despite being a bit long in the tooth as they say? Bill and I have always had a very close, open relationship and he knows he can just come right out and say what he means.

Then I skimmed very quickly through the book and discovered that Walsh seems to have a lot to say that would help me improve on what I write as The Ancient One. While I have not delved very deeply into the contents, I can see where I might learn ways to alleviate some of the frustrations that comes with learning how to maintain a blog. I really should not have been suspicious of Bill's motives. I generally pride myself on saying what I mean without hidden agendas. I'd like to think that my children learned at least that much from me.

So. . .THANK YOU Bill, Mel, Jolee and Shayna. This is a gift that, while arriving late which seems to be a family tradition, will be put to good use. Who knows, this book might turn The Ancient One into a blogging monster! Just check back regularly to see if it is having a positive impact.


Kalynne Pudner said...

Leon, I owe my blog pedigree to you. How much more of a monster can you want to be?

(BTW, Christmas gifts posted in May are par for my course, too.)

Andrew said...

I will have to check that book out. I am always keen for new ideas about blogging. Leon, you are no amateur. I find your blog enjoyable and interesting. Thank you for sharing!

Bill Cohen said...

Indeed...I was not trying to send a message about the quality of your truly awesome blog (bias noted), but merely trying to provide you with what I perceived, among half a dozen books on blogging, as one that would offer the best advice to take the Ancient One, Blessed Be He, to the next level.

Enjoy, Dear Old Dad (and Grand-dad) from Brooklyn....!

Leon said...

Kalynne and Andrew - Thanks for your comments.

Bill - Thank you for letting your old man have some fun "interpreting" the gift. :~D It was just one of those moments I could not resist!

Bob Walsh said...

Glad to hear you (at least initially!) liked my book; I hope you find it useful!

Leon said...

Thanks for the visit Bob. Stop by periodically and see if the quality of the blog improves. If it does, you can take partial credit for that through your book. :~D