Thursday, May 8, 2008

An Unusual Night at the Stadium

Our good friends Barbara and Jerry Schiff invited us to join them at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday evening to see a game against the visiting N.Y Mets. The seats were wonderful; they were on the Club Level along the left field line and offered a fine view of the whole field as plays developed.

Our beloved L.A. Dodgers came from behind for a 5-4 victory in a game with fine fielding and timely hitting. As it happened, we were witness to two plays rarely seen in major league games. One of those was a double steal pulled off by the Mets that included a steal of home by seasoned veteran Moises Alou. The other was an inside-the-park Home Run hit by Dodger rookie 3rd Baseman Blake Dewitt. His blast that caromed off of the top of the right field fence turned out to be the winning run. An unusual night indeed!

It was our first visit to Dodger Stadium of the season and was truly an enjoyable and memorable evening. We'll be back out there Sunday as Alicia and Seth are taking Donna to see the Dodgers play the Houston Astros on Mothers' Day. They're letting The Ancient One tag along although I think I am expected to pay for my own ticket. I'll try to remember to take my camera and not have to rely on taking pictures with the cell phone.

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Rex Hoss said...

Hi Leon, Glad to see you enjoying the Dodgers. had I known you'd be in town, I'd have arranged to see you before the game. I live scarily close to Dodger stadium. Glad also to know your acting and other life adventures are treating you well.