Thursday, May 22, 2008

Six Unremarkable Quirks Meme

I was recently tagged over at Sidney Williams Journal for the "Six Unremarkable Quirks" meme. These are the rules:

  • Link the person who tagged you. (See above)
  • Mention the rules in your blog. (as I am doing here)
  • Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours. (They're down below)
  • Tag six bloggers by linking them. (Sorry folks, it's your turn)
  • Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged. (I hope I don't forget to do this.)

And here we go:

  1. I often drift off into what my family calls "leonland." If I am focused on what I am reading or watching on TV or just daydreaming, I am totally oblivious to anything going on around me and I hear nothing anybody is saying to me. (I am pretty sure this is not senility because it has been happening for many decades. And it goes beyond selective listening.)

  2. I am obsessive about getting my daily exercise, whether it be my thrice weekly visit to the cardiac rehab center, my twice weekly "strength training" with 8 pound weights, or just my daily walk in the neighborhood. It includes adhering to a 10,000+ step per day regimen. (I even found an accurate pedometer.)

  3. I enjoy doing TV and film background ("extra") work. I don't really mind the long, sometimes boring days. It's fun watching the filming process and seeing how different "name" actors work on the set.

  4. I left my hometown of Detroit 47 years ago. To this day I remain an avid Detroit Tigers (baseball), Lions (football) and Red Wings (hockey) fan. I like the Pistons (basketball) but I remember them as the Fort Wayne Pistons before Fred Zollner moved his team to Detroit.

  5. I have dimples. As a little boy I blushed when people mentioned them. As a young man, I liked it when attractive young women commented on them. As a septuagenarian, I am puzzled when anyone still notices (as happened once last week).

  6. I spend way too much time on the computer (including responding to memes like this one!

And now to select six others to tag:

  1. BillyBlog of course. Eldest son never escapes my tags (since he started it by tagging me a year ago).

  2. Judith at Remembering Matters. I enjoy her blog so very much and hope she is willing to respond.

  3. Bonnie at frogma. Last time I tagged her, she apologized for taking too long to respond. Maybe she will be a good sport again.

  4. Kristin at An Actor's Musings. How can I resist tagging a fellow actor?

  5. Betty at A Piece of My Mind (formerly known as Old Dog, New Trick). As an old dog myself, this is such an easy choice.

  6. Rex Hoss. Rex is another acting friend; we performed in 2 plays together last year. Haven't seen him in a while and I'm interested in what he has to say.

Okay, that's it! I have not only survived another meme but I'm willing to risk the ire of others by tagging them. Thanks for drawing me in Sidney. I owe you one!


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, it's good to see that you are still responding well to all that make the call to you my friend. Interesting post Leon. :)

Leon said...

And it is so good to see you return from a blogger's silence Eric. You (and your comments) were missed my friend! :~)

Sidney said...

The one time I got to do extra work it was a blast even though we worked all night. I'd do it again given an opportunity.

Rex Hoss said...

Hi Leon, While you've cleverly gotten me to break my blogging silence by responding to this, I sadly don't have 6 other blogs which I can tag. :-( So I'll suffice it to say that I appreciate you and always enjoy your blogging. You after all, were the inspiration for me to start my blog.

Judith Shapiro said...

Six quirks, huh? I bet if I asked my kids I'd bet sixty.

savannah said...

came over from betty's to read your quirky 6! i might have to give this a try, sugar! xox