Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Baldacci Maze. . .

Reading David Baldacci's Last Man Standing (2001) is like finding your way through a never-ending thriller maze. It goes on and on (638 pages) and the pieces don't really come together until the very end where you are left with one last piece of an unanswered puzzle.

The novel follows a tortured FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) hero, Web London, as he pieces together what went wrong on an operation and is led on a twisting path that ties together some disparate events present and past.

Along the way, we are exposed to some long, detailed discussions of the inner workings of the FBI and its HRTs, psychiatry, operations of a horse breeding business and a handful of other related topics. But the action carries the day. Little by little, new events reveal the path through the maze (or is it mazes) until we reach a mostly satisfying end. The reader has to make decisions about characters who display both good and evil traits. Really, just who are the "good" and "bad" guys? In some cases, these are not easy decisions. But when this thriller ends, most of the good folks are still alive albeit scarred and unsure of their own futures.

Yes, this was classic Baldacci.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, still reading the thrillers :)

I hear there is a new book out about President Bush? have you come across that one yet?
I believe it was out this week. Should prove interesting I think. :)

Sidney said...

That sounds good. I like a book that comes together that way. That sort of reminds me of a thriller called "Harry McGee Is Not Dead" where there's a lot of setup and then a cool payoff, though it's not as many pages as that thriller.

Leon said...

Just until I start learning lines again next week ERIC. Not aware of the Bush book; probably won't read it anyway. I must confess that that thinking or reading about W does not do much my digestion or peace of mind.

Leon said...

Thanks for stopping by SIDNEY. I'll have to look for Harry McGee.