Friday, June 27, 2008

Memories of Making Chopped Liver

It all started with a conversation among friends this morning at Cardiac Rehab. One of the guys (Steve) mentioned that he had gone to the new deli that opened at a nearby mall. We talked about the food and the prices and the ambiance and all that. He made reference to the difference between ordering a corn beef sandwich as opposed to a "lean corn beef sandwich." Another fellow mentioned that his favorite at the deli was the sweet and sour cabbage soup.

My mind wandered to my youth. I remembered the incredible sweet and sour cabbage soup my mother made and often served at the Shabbat dinner. And then I mentioned my mother's wonderful, made-from-scratch, moist chopped liver and how I rued that I could no longer eat that or many of the other foods that regularly appeared on our dinner table as I grew up. That rich, fat laden diet contributed to my excessive weight in adulthood and the health problems that went with it, including Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol and, ultimately, my triple coronary bypass surgery of nearly 4 years ago.

But the memories are still wonderful. And somewhere buried in the boxes in the garage is the original 70+ year old meat grinder that my mother used when making the chopped liver. Steve said he had one too and that his wife still used it on occasion

Isn't it interesting how a casual conversation among friends can evoke long buried memories. That sure brought a smile to my face this morning. :~D

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