Friday, June 20, 2008

Those Gremlins Are Driving Me Crazy

The gremlins are back and I am going crazy. When we got home Wednesday evening, I had no connection to the internet. I was convinced it was a "signal" problem and was poised (on Thursday morning) to call my ISP in order to chat with one of its friendly Techs in India. But before I did. . .

I decided to first try to reconnect through my old ethernet hub and. . .lo and behold. . .I was back online. But without the wireless router, no one else in the house was. I couldn't get the ethernet to work on Donna's computer and my laptop was dependent on the wireless network to gain access to the outside world.

Today I spent about 2 hours trying to reinstall the wireless router but it insists that it is not receiving an internet signal. Alas, alack and many other stronger epithets!

So here I am back via the ethernet hub and when I post this, I will figure out how to get Donna's computer to work on it as well. I do need some luck and a lot more patience than I have had the past couple of days.

Technology! Bah!!!


Sidney said...

You know in the Dresden Files novels, Harry always has trouble with technology. Sounds like what you're going throuhg

Rex Hoss said...

Technology can be a %^$!&, and I should know - since I'm not just an actor/photographer, but a major computer geek and support tech. I feel for you my friend. I also miss your constant blogging. Don't let the Gremlins slow you down!

Eric Valentine said...

You have my sympathy Leon, my problems are still within the bounds of Vista..All these little windows telling me something has stopped working...... Hmmmm well, I kind of gathered that much.... Patience my friend you will succeed. :)