Monday, June 16, 2008

My Little Girl Has Gone Away. . .

Alicia will always be my little girl! As she approaches her 27th birthday, she has gone away to start a career. She is living life as exactly the person we raised her to be. She left today for Wilmington, DE where she will be the Director of Engagement for Hillel at the University of Deleware. While we are sad to see Alicia go so far away, we are incredibly proud of her.

Below is a photo of her heading up the aisle after receiving her M.A. in Jewish Communal Service last month from Hebrew Union College here is L.A.

As she leaves, I think of one of my favorite phrases about parenting (not clear as to source): "You raise your children to be independent, self-sufficient and to live their own lives. And when you are successful, you really get pissed off at them." Not really! But it is hard to let go and watch my little girl who is now a beautiful, self-confident young woman begin a new journey in her life. And by moving across country, she's doing to us exactly what I did to my parents 47 years ago.

Good luck Alicia! We love you!


Eric Valentine said...

Congratulations on being such a good parent Leon.

All best wishes to your daughter as she takes the first few steps, down the road to the rest of her life, good luck to Alicia.

Letting go those apron strings is one of the hardest things in life to do, but do it we all must my friend.. :)

Leon said...

Thanks Eric! I have been lucky to have so much joy from my children. Some of it might come from decent parenting and a lot of it comes from just plain luck. My father used to say, "Children generally grow up to be pretty good adults. . .in spite of their parents." That certainly is part of the equation. ;~)