Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back on the Boards

Last night I auditioned for The Relevant Stage's production of The Christmas Carol which will be staged at the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, December 4-7. Today I was offered, and accepted, the role of Jacob Marley.

Marley is a wonderful character role; chains and blood curdling screams. I played him, along with other characters, in a different version of the play several years ago. (Unfortunately, I have no photos from that 1995 production at CSUDH.)

Rehearsals start next week and I am both excited and ready to be back on stage. I hope friends in the Los Angeles area will find a way to see this production. (I believe that comment comes under the rubric of blatant self-promotion. What can I say?)


Charles Gramlich said...

Great! Congrats. I'd definitely want to play one of the ghosts.

Leon said...

Thanks CHARLES! I love those wonderful character roles. They are often memorable. . .and require the learning of far fewer lines than leads do. At my age, that's important. :~D

Mildred Garfield said...

That's exciting news.

If I lived in your area I'd make it a point to see you play Jacob Marley!!