Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Been A While. . .

This has not been an active blogging month. In addition to being busy, at the moment I am in Houston; arrived here 2 days ago and will head back to L.A. tomorrow afternoon.

My sister (from the Detroit area) and I are here visiting my brother and sister-in-law. He had coronary artery by-pass surgery last spring followed by complications and did not get home for 3 months. He has no memory of the first 7 weeks of hospitalization. But, for the most part, he is now fine.

We have been sharing stories and memories. And we have been eating. We do that a lot in this family. Some of this I will share in the future along with pictures of our reunion.

It has been an emotional few days. And it has been important. Of the 3 of us remaining (our oldest brother died 12 years ago), The Ancient One is the baby. And we realize how deeply we are tied to each other even though we were not terribly close in our youth and we now are separated geographically.

So many memories of our parents and family life have been revived. We have brought each other up-to-date about our own children and grandchildren. The Cohanim truly live and our progeny are scattered across this country. We realize how important it is to keep our parents legacy alive and we will carry the memories of this week back to our own branches of the family tree.

More soon!


Charles Gramlich said...

It's always good to spend some time with family.

savannah said...

glad to hear your brother is well, sugar. i'm an only child so i never experienced the sibling relationship you speak of. which is probably married a middle child (he's #3 of 4) and we had 4 children! ;) xoxo

(thanks for stopping by and being a follower!)

Ms. Fairway said...

Happy to read that your brother is doing so much better. And glad that you and your siblings had some time to reconnect and revisit your relationships.

Leon said...

Yes it is CHARLES. And while my brother and I were never very close, when he went in for his surgery I discovered how thick blood is emotionally.

And thank you SAVANNAH. I do appreciate your comments and visits.

Oh, did we reminisce MS. FAIRWAY. Thank you for your comments and for linking me on your blog.