Friday, October 3, 2008

On TV at Last

The Ancient One finally made his appearance on Talkshow With Spike Feresten on Fox TV last Saturday night at midnight. The sketch can be found here on YouTube,

I know, you can't recognize him. And the hair that was cut away for the shoot has mostly grown back in.


Eric Valentine said...

Aw!!!!!! That was a hoot Leon, good for you my friend enjoyed every second.. :)

Ms. Fairway said...

Just discovered your blog and I picked just the right time. That clip was spot on and a great laugh!

Cameron said...

You should join forces with Tina Fey!


Charles Gramlich said...

Hey man, great job. Excellent.

Leon said...

ERIC: Thank you. It was just as much a hoot working on it!

MS. FAIRWAY: Thanks for stopping by. I hope you become a regular visitor. :~D

CAMERON: I'd love to but, as you may have noticed, they couldn't use my face! :) She's a dead ringer for Palin.

CHARLES: Thanks! It's amazing what happens with a good writer, lots of film and a great editor.
Glad you liked it.