Monday, October 20, 2008

Harbingers of Halloween – Banners 10

October has been a month in which I've had a hard time finding time to post. But my camera was busy on some morning walks and the following pictures, taken about 10 days ago, announced the approach of Halloween in my neighborhood about a week before the yard decorations appeared.

Ah, now my preparation for those little trick-or-treaters can proceed. The Ancient One will be ready when they arrive on the evening of the 31st.



Charles Gramlich said...

I've got to get more candy. I bought some, then ate it.

Leon said...

CHARLES - You too? Get me near a package of those little delectables, and I lose all vestiges of will power. :~D

Ms. Fairway said...

Can it really be almost Halloween??? Soon the Thanksgiving banners will be out followed closely by Chanukah and Christmas. Yikes!

Leon said...

MS. FAIRWAY - I've already seen Christmas decorations in a few stores. Where have all the seasons gone?