Friday, April 24, 2009

Bright Colors on a Dreary Day

Yesterday was dark and bleak as I went out for my morning walk. It was quite a contrast from the sun and heat of the beginning of the weak. Suddenly, my eyes were assaulted with brilliant flowery colors. I took just one photo that represents what I saw.

Ah, those roses certainly brightened an otherwise dreary day. Enjoy!


josie2shoes said...

I love roses! Isn't it amazing how beautiful bright colored flowers can lift our spirits!

Anonymous said...

Those have cheered me up too, now I've seen them =] They remind me a little of the Marilyn Monroe rose =]
Oh, I'm Mel, by the way, Bill gave me the link, I run the Tattoosday UK site =]

Leon said...

You're right JOSIE! And those are just 2 of the many bright flowers I saw on that overcast day.

Welcome MEL (aka TATTOOSAYUK)!! I knew about your blog from BillyBlog. I hope you stop by often. I don't offer up ink but I look for coloors to share in this space.