Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Memory Evoked

The Ancient One arrived in Wilmington, Delaware to visit daughter Alicia for the beginning of Passover. She and her radiant smile looked great to me. We had a pleasant dinner and saw her apartment and then back to the hotel.

This morning is beautiful; bright sunshine, cloudless sky and cool (!) temperatures (just under 40 degrees). As I stepped outside, I was greeted with a sight I haven't seen in nearly 30 years. There was a Robin Red Breast hopping along the ground outside our door. It evoked memories of long ago when the appearance of the first robin was a true sign of spring. But we don't have robins in southern California, at least none that I have seen in the nearly 3 decades I have lived on the left coast.

What a wonderful way to start the day and our visit to Delaware!


Cameron said...

I had no idea that there aren't robins in Southern CA. We have plenty of them in the northern part of the state.

josie2shoes said...

Delightful indeed! If we have robins here in West Texas, I've never seen one, but it sure brought back memories of my Midwest childhood when robins truly were the first sign of Spring! I hope you are having a wonderful visit!

sexy said...
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Darlene said...

We don't have Robins in Arizona either. But your sighting of a Robin is a sure sign that Spring is here at long last.

Enjoy your Passover celebration with your family.