Friday, May 18, 2007

A Little Late for Mothers’ Day

In helping Donna finish going through some of Alicia's things that are still in her old room (my current office), we came across the below photo of my mother, Martha Cohen Max, holding baby Alicia in late 1981.

Looking at the picture brought back many memories of my mother, just a couple of which I will share here. She ultimately had 24 grandchildren and agreed with me one day that the ideal number of grandchildren was "one more than she already had." As you might guess from the photo, my mother was a lady and it wasn't until she married Abe, Donna's grandfather (that's another story for another time) when she was 68 years old that she was actually seen leaving the house not wearing gloves.

Mom moved to Los Angeles when she and Abe got married. I remember when I moved out here several years later (bringing Donna back home), I was complaining about the gloomy spring weather which was never depicted in film or TV. My mother responded wisely, "The sun shines every day in southern California. You just have to wait longer for it on some days." I thought about that comment while doing my daily workout on this cold and gloomy morning.

I still miss you Mom!

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