Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Luck of the Cohanim (continued)

Oxypoet, aka BillyBlog, the first-born son of The Ancient One, notes in a comment that there are other instances of The Luck of the Cohanim. The most notable being the "ability" to find good parking places when faced with crowded venues. For my entire driving life, someone always seems to be pulling out of the space directly in front of the destination as I approach. In truth, many, if not most, times this doesn't happen. But it does occur often enough to have made a deep impression in the minds of my offspring.

Actually the most significant manifestation of the luck factor was the ability (in his early years) of younger son Seth to find money. Two specific events remain in my memory, both from his adolescence. The first was at a local street fair when Seth, eyes on the ground, told us he had just found a quarter. Being a typical father, I responded, "Why don't you find larger sums?" A few moments later, he called, "You mean like this?" as he reached down and plucked a wayward $5 bill from the ground. The second occurred on the way to Oxypoet's wedding. Bill and Melanie had arranged for guests to be delivered to the wedding site on a double-decker bus. As the bus pulled to a stop in the synagogue parking lot, Seth raced down from the upper level, pushed his way off the bus ahead of everyone else, dashed across the parking lot, and plucked a piece of green paper from the ground. It turned out to be a $20 bill he had spied from the bus as it drove through the parking lot. I truly hope that this "talent" stays with Seth throughout his life.

Thanks Bill for helping me retrieve some forgotten memories!


Oxypoet said...

Having ridded myself of automotive transportation, for the most part, upon moving to New York, I seem to have discovered the knack for finding Metrocards with balances remaining on them. I'm sure the odds are in my favor. Now if we could just find a bag of money that we could turn in to the police, then get back after no one claims it. THAT would be sweet luck indeed!

Seth said...

I must say, that with enough patience your parking lot luck has been passed down. Although, I have yet to find that pot o money that will lead to the repayment of my student loans or the balance of my car. All I need is 1,000 more weddings to reach that goal.