Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Those urinals are back. . .now in Redondo Beach

I previously made 2 posts (here and here) about some new urinals in Culver City that save 40,000 gallons each per year. I marveled at that number and had at least one comment that questioned the amount of the savings. This morning I opened the Daily Breeze, a newspaper published in Torrance that serves LA's South Bay Region. There on page 3, I found the article pictured below:

It seems that Redondo Beach also has discovered these urinals and, for those that notice such things, the photos are virtually the same as the ones I took at The Veterans' Memorial Building in Culver City. You can find the full text of the story here. It supports my previous comments about the 40,000 gallons per urinal annual water savings (if you can believe what you read in the newspaper). I rest my case!

And now I will try to resist any further urinal posts. . .but that's not a promise. Who knows, this may the start of something big that is effective in addressing a major environmental issue.

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