Friday, May 4, 2007

The Luck of the Cohanim

A couple of days ago as I prepared for my workout at the Torrance Memorial Medical Center's (TMMC) Delpit Cardiac Rehabilitation Center (now, that's a mouthful), I took off my wedding band and put it my pocket. I do this because my hands sometimes swell up when I'm exercising. When I finished, I exited the building and took my keys out of my pocket. I thought I heard a sound like metal hitting pavement, stopped and looked around, saw nothing of note and continued on. Later at home, I was emptying my pockets and the wedding band was nowhere to be seen. I searched everywhere and it was well into the evening before I remembered hearing that metallic clink earlier.

The next morning, I called the TMMC Lost & Found Department. A trying-to-be-pleasant woman not only told me that the ring was not turned in but likely would not be because small items like that simply get swept up in the trash and are never seen again. You can imagine how much she cheered me up. Reaching a mild panic, I drove to TMMC and started searching the ground in the area where I took my keys out of my pocket. Nothing! I went over the area a 2nd & 3rd time. Still nothing! I decided to do a 4th and final sweep of the area and as my eyes moved past a street light standard, a glint caught my eye. There leaning against the base of the pole was my wedding band. The sigh of relief that emanated from me was clearly audible to passersby and they must have wondered just what I was grinning about.

Now that is what I call The Luck of the Cohanim. Now if it only continues in other aspects of my existence. . .

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Oxypoet said...

Something about parking lots. We find great spots and lost treasures! Mazel tov on the little miracle.