Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Final Wrap

Although the 2007 performance season for Culver City Public Theatre (CCPT) ended in mid-August, today was the day that company members went through the storage area in Carlson Park, disposed of what we no longer need, reloaded everything into the space and covered it with a tarp for the winter (to protect against inclement weather that does occasionally appear in southern California). Below are a few photos that include the members who were present:

The storage space with Laura Boccaletti (sorry about the rear view Laura)

Heidi Dotson deciding what should go where

Dean Edward and Alicia Cohen discussing what to load next

Steve Lekowicz getting ready to put on the covering tarp

No pictures of The Ancient One. Someone had to point the camera. Well, that's the final wrap for the 2007 season. The company members meet next week to start the process of planning for 2008.

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Eric Valentine said...

It is surprising just what goes on behind the scenes Leon, and not always something that occurs to the public.

I take it you will be a part of those 2008 plans my friend? :)