Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rehearsing on the Stage. . .

Finally, we are able to use the CSUDH University Theatre stage for rehearsals of The Little College on a Hill. It was a whole different feeling being in the performance space with an unfinished piece of the set to work with. I'm not sure the following photos fully convey the difference from an actor's perspective. They are both taken of the same scene near the beginning of the play. The first is in a recital hall on the campus last Sunday and the second one was on the theatre's stage last night.

L to R: Keven (Jerron Mitchell), Eli (James Knudsen), Correy (Ingrid Interiano) and Peter (Dan Weinell)

Same characters rearranged, L to R: Keven, Correy, Peter, Eli

It's hard to believe that we open in 9 days; there is so much to do. One scene rehearsal on Thursday, a full run-through on Friday, Tech Rehearsal on Sunday and then 4 nights of full dress rehearsals leading up to our opening on the 9th. The flyer for the play is posted here. It's going to be an interesting experience since I have lived through a lot of what the play is based upon, to the degree it is based on what really happened in the birth and early history of California State University, Dominguez Hills.

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