Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Script # ??

While performing in a newly written play is exciting, the rehearsal process can be a bit unsettling. We had the first read through of The Little College on a Hill on Sunday, September 30. I had received a copy of the script a few days earlier. At that rehearsal, I received some revised pages which expanded my role. A couple of days later I received a "revised" script which eliminated the new section although there were several changes and revisions. On October 5, I received the "Final Draft" of the script which now had a prologue in which my character does all the talking. And today, in my e-mail, I received yet one more "final draft."

So, I have now seen 5 successive versions of the script. How many more changes will there be? Yes, doing a new play is an adventure as the writers and director see what will and what won't work on stage. And, while a bit unsettling and confusing at times, it is a wonderful journey preparing for and acting in a "world premiere." That too is part of the joy of doing live theatre!

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Eric Valentine said...

I think there has to be some truth to the saying 'Practice Makes Perfect' Leon, for I see you are enjoying yourself with this my friend. :)