Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Preparing for a Stumble Through

Friday evening will be the first off-book rehearsal for The Little College on the Hill. It is what Director Bill DeLuca refers to as a "stumble through." It is the first time in the rehearsal process that the actors do not have scripts in their hands. And the most often heard word of the evening will be cast members calling out "line" so that the Stage Manager, script-in-hand, can feed them the words they have forgotten to get them back on track.

It will be an uncomfortable rehearsal. There's no more lost feeling than not knowing your lines. But, no matter how well you think you know them, as long as the script is in your hand, you are constantly glancing at it to make sure you have the lines right. The only way to get off-book is, well, getting off-book and stumbling through.

So, it's crunch time. I am about 60% ready for Friday night. When the rehearsal starts that evening, I would like to be perfect but will settle for 95% as we stumble through the script. Okay, back to work on my lines while I'm waiting for my car to emerge from service (check-up, oil change and, I suspect, front brakes).

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Eric Valentine said...

Good luck with the Lines, brake job and the stumble through Leon. :)