Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aftermath. . .

We awoke this morning to news that a new brush fire was burning in Malibu and many homes had already been burned. Additionally, on our return drive home from San Diego, we saw evidence of the impact of the fires from several weeks ago. The following pictures were taken from the car while driving north on I-5 through Camp Pendleton, a major Marine Corps base. The first looks off to the east where the primary color is black on the burnt out mountainside.

The 2nd photo shows one of several places where the fire burned right down to the edge of the highway.

Once home, we again, as was the case during the first fires, could smell the smoke from the Malibu fires about 30 miles away. It was a bit of a somber end to what otherwise was a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with Donna's family in San Diego.

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