Friday, November 9, 2007

Ready for Opening Night. . .

I leave for the campus in about 3 hours feeling ready for opening night of The Little College on a Hill. An online article on the production can be found here in Dateline Dominguez Hills.

Compliments of Tom Marinello, I can also offer the following photo of The Ancient One in one of his costumes; this one dressed as a mariner during a dream in which the character Keven is trying to define himself and his aspirations:

Cast as the college's founding President, I am also seen dressed in 1960's business attire and in full academic regalia. Eventually, a full set of photographs from the production will be posted on the university section of Tom Marinello's website. Tom is an outstanding photographer who, among other things, has been posting photos from theatre productions at California State University, Dominguez Hills for several years.

If there is any interest in seeing shots of The Ancient One in previous productions, check Tom's pictures for Prelude to a Kiss (2005-06 season) and Tales of the Last Formicans (2003-04 season). Okay, that's enough self-promotion for one post.

Now to rest and then on to opening night. Thank you to those who suggested I "break a leg."


Rex Hoss said...

Break a Leg on your opening Leon. I look forward to seeing you in the play! I can't make it tonight, but I'll catch one of the show!

Ingrid Interiano said...

You will do awesome Leon! I'm excited!!!!

Leon said...

Thank you Ingrid. As will you!!! :-)

Eric Valentine said...

I confess I a grinning from ear to ear Leon for I am enjoying this so much.
Your zest and fire for this show really shows my friend..
Break a Leg tomorrow. :)

Leon said...

Thanks for the good wishes Eric. The opening was great and my legs are still intact.:-))))