Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when you just have to be with family. So this morning we headed to San Diego where Donna's parents live in an assisted living community. But it was a little different this year; for the first time in my memory we had our Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. In addition to Donna and me and her parents, Alicia and Seth drove down from L.A. to be there along with a young cousin who not long ago moved to L.A. from Tokyo. Donna's brother Ron and his 2 daughters joined us. We chose a restaurant we knew and liked, the Jamacha Grille in El Cajon. And it really was a wonderful dinner except. . . they ran out of pumpkin pie; so we headed back to Ron's home where we were served up our annual pumpkin pie portion as made from scratch by his older daughter.

It was different but it was good and I discovered one major advantage of going out on Thanksgiving; there are no leftovers on which to gorge oneself. The amount I consumed this year was both appropriate and probably would bring smiles to the faces of my doctors.

As an aside, as we were finishing our meal, my cell phone rang. The call came from Brooklyn with greetings from oldest son Bill (whom some of you know as BillyBlog) and daughters Shayna and Jolee. They also had a restaurant Thanksgiving and said the meal was delicious even though the place at which they celebrated ran out of turkey. Somehow, running out of turkey seems un-American to me. What is this country coming to?

I hope all of you who stop by had many things to be thankful for on this very special day.

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Eric Valentine said...

Family and life Leon, things to be thankful for. Happy thanksgiving my friend. :)