Friday, August 3, 2007

CCPT Weekend 4

The halfway point has been passed and weekend #4 for CCPT's 2007 season is upon us. Much Ado About Nothing closed last weekend to wonderful audiences and Director Ken MacFarlane hosted a memorable cast party. (Unfortunately, I have no photos of either the play or the party). The main stage production for the next 3 weekends will be Neil Simon's The Good Doctor. (I have no photos to show from that today either but will take some this weekend and post them next week.)

The CCPT Children's Popcorn Theatre production continues for the next 3 weekends. Below are a few pictures taken at the July 28 performance by company member Laura Boccaletti who reveals herself to be as good a photographer as she is an actress. (In the absence of a full cast photo, all the cast members are pictured below.)

Front : Tmolus (Teresa Waxer), King Midas (Ancient One), Princess (Shannon Pritchard)
Rear: Friculous (Bethany Hilliard), Fraculous (Sharon Savene)

Apollo (Frantz Delsoin), Pan (Laurie Baron)

Bacchus (Blake Anthony) Verboseus (Susan Odom)

Performances are at Paul Carlson Park at the corner of Motor and Braddock in Culver City. King Midas begins at noon and The Good Doctor follows at 2:00 p.m.


Eric Valentine said...

Leon, reading your post, one can just feel what an exciting time this is for you, and the pleasure you get from it all. Nice photo's.



Leon said...

Thanks Eric. I guess you can guess what my major passion is.

BTW - noticed you exited through sitemeter. It appears you were #1499.

Have a great weekend.

- Leon