Friday, August 10, 2007

CCPT Weekend 5

The penultimate weekend for CCPT's 2007 season is here. The main stage production of Neil Simon's The Good Doctor will continue as will The CCPT Children's Popcorn Theatre production of King Midas.

I am hoping that the kids in the audience for the good king's story are as interactive as those who attended last Sunday's performance. One highlight for me: Shortly after the god Apollo has cursed me with long furry ears, I have a line that includes, "I can't rule my kingdom with the ears of an aaaaa………." Several children in the audience shouted out "donkey" and one loud, young voice intoned "jackass." It is sometimes hard to keep in character when the kids call out. And they helped many characters, not just King Midas, complete their lines last Sunday. Just another part of the joy of doing children's theatre productions.

As a reminder, performances are at Paul Carlson Park at the corner of Motor and Braddock in Culver City. King Midas begins at noon and The Good Doctor follows at 2:00 p.m.

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