Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Deja arghh vu!!

Here we go again. I woke up this morning to find that I was not receiving a DSL signal. When I reached an Earthlink Tech by phone (A pleasant chap located in India), he assured me that the signal was fine and told me it was a modem problem. Even though "Earthlink" is printed on the modem, he claimed it was not one they provided. A couple of senior Techs later, they acknowledged that they no longer serviced this "old" modem and a new one would be sent at no charge other than shipping costs. I had that old feeling of having no choice but to accept the "offer."

It will be interesting to hear what they say if I am right and the problem is the signal not the modem. We will see in a day or so.

Meanwhile, I can only post from WiFi hotspots using my laptop. Thank you to my local Pavilions market for providing not only WiFi but some tables at which to sit.

OK - my e-mail is checked. And this post is finished but it may be the last for a few days.


Eric Valentine said...

wish you luck with the modem Leon.

I think I'd go nuts if I couldn't call in the store where I bought my equipment. :)

Oxypoet said...

Been seeing a lot of issues lately with earthlink....hope it resolves soon