Sunday, August 26, 2007

One More Small Step

Well, instead of calling earthlink (I just couldn't deal with them any more), I went to the website of Linksys where they have a Live Chat option. A wonderful Techie named Jocelyn F. gave me detailed instructions, which I cut and pasted to an MSWord document on my computer, on how to manually set up my wireless router. She also treated me like someone who had a problem, instead of the person who caused it. It was almost too good to be true!

Actually, it was too good to be true, at least after 3 attempts which seemed to do what they were supposed to do except that I still could not access the Internet when the signal was directed through the router. Very frustrating again. . .

BUT. . . I did find a partial solution which now has Donna back on line for her e-mail. I dug out my old Ethernet router and hooked it up. Fortunately, when I installed the wireless router some months ago, I left the Ethernet cable running between Donna's and my offices in place. It works!!!

Now only Seth has no connection from the house, nor do I from my laptop unless we find a kindly neighbor who will consent to let us go online through their signal.

At least one more small step has been taken to have us all in touch with the internet. Sigh . . . . . .


Eric Valentine said...

I'm sorry to see that you are still having a struggle with the connection Leon. I prefer the ground connection rather than wirless myself. I use a 'Speedstream' router, which gives me connetions for 4 computers.

Leon said...

No need to feel sorry for me Eric, my old ethernet router is doing fine. My son is the only real loser because he connects through the wireless router. But that problem will be solved eventually.

Also - an interesting aside. Today, out of curiosity, I connected my old modem. And all the lights went one!!!! It confirms that I was right from the beginning when I told earthlink that the problem was their signal. But I have learned that they will never admit that a problem is one of their performance; they always try to blame it on the customer's equipment or misuse of it. In this case, it needlessly cost them the value of the new modem they sent me since they could have solved the problem if they had checked the signal in the beginning.

Oh, Oh. I better stop. This comment is longer than the blog post you commented on. :-))