Friday, August 24, 2007

Success at last. . .Well, sort of

I have my home DSL back. After hearing nothing for 24 hours, I called Earthlink again and again I was speaking to a Tech in India. But this time I got someone who knew what he was doing. And he was talking to me on one line and to the "signal" or "line" technicians on another line. In less than an hour (which was relatively fast compared to the other calls this week), my DSL was up and I was connected to the internet.

Actually, I was connected with the Ethernet cable running straight from the modem to my computer. As the call was ending, I innocently asked, "This will also work when connected to my wireless router, right." The answer was a pleasant and confident "Yes."

Well, that is not quite accurate! When I redirected the cables through the router and then to the computer, there was no internet signal. I found the Linksys installation disk and have now tried to reinstall the system 6 times. I have not yet succeeded. Linksys tells me that it can't read the internet signal. I can get my work done but dear Donna cannot get her e-mail or surf the net; I may just have to reinstall the old Ethernet router but that won't help with any of the laptops in the house, especially Seth's.

So, it looks like there may be one more call to Earthlink to straighten this out although I do have the feeling they will tell me to call Linksys since it is the router that doesn't recognize the good internet connection provided by my ISP.

That's why I attach "sort of" as a modifier to "success at last." Stay tuned for later installments.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, sorry that you have only had partial success with your modem trouble.

I think yesterday was the Techie run around day for people. I too went through a whole paraphernalia before I finally got things sorted out here.

Even this morning I had to deal with some aftermath when I started up, so much for techies. :(

bonnie said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with today's round.