Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Refrigerator vs. Old Doorway

How do you get a new refrigerator

Through an old doorway? Why, just remove the door and the molding. . .

How else? That's what we had to do today when the refrigerator ordered a month ago finally arrived. Now I just have to reinstall the molding and put the door back up.


Eric Valentine said...

I'm guessing that taking the doors off the fridge would not have been enough Leon?

Nice looking fridge, however which way you got it in! :)

Leon said...

Sorry I wasn't clear Eric. The doors and all related extruding hardware were removed before trying to get through the door to the kitchen. I just guess that houses built in this area in the early 1970's just didn't anticipate what refrigerators would become.

And yes, it is a nice looking fridge. Now all I have to do is learn how to use all its special features. And my wife is very happy. :-))

Keaton said...

Congrats on your new refrigerator... It looks really fantastic... Love it!!