Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Residual Surprise. . .

About 10 months ago, I booked a job in which I was part of a sketch comedy scene to be aired on Talk Show with Spike Feresten, a TV show that aired at midnight on Saturday nights. In order to book the job, I was required to join AFTRA (American Federation of Radio and TV Artists) because it was the 3rd job I had worked under AFTRA jurisdiction. (The first 2 were several years ago when I appeared in 2 episodes of Arrest and Trial, a series of re-enactments of real criminal cases.)

I never was sure that the sketch had aired. . .until today when I received a residual check for "Run #2." And it was a very pleasant surprise because it was significantly more than the few residuals, mostly under $10, I received over the years for my work on Arrest and Trial.

It does feel good. Now if I can just qualify for membership in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). I still do have moments when I think I will be discovered some day. After all, it's important that we chase our dreams even after our hair turns white and the body slows down a bit.

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Eric Valentine said...

Congratulations on the AfTRA achievements, you are always a pleasant surprise Leon. Good Luck on SAG. :)