Friday, September 14, 2007

Nieces and Nephews

When I wrote about my great-nephew's Bar Mitzvah, I included a lot of pictures but none of all my nephews and nieces who were there other than the Bar Mitzvah boy and his parents and sister. Well, I was talking with Son #1 yesterday and he thanked me for posting the photos since he was not able to be in Rockville for the celebration.

So I thought maybe I should post as many other pictures that I have of the other nieces and nephews who were there. (As I do so, I offer apologies to Catherine and Rob whose faces escaped my cameras lens.)

First, photos of my niece Fran (daughter of sister Bobby) and her son, my great-nephew Geoff:

And 2 of my sister's sons, Steve on the left and Mike on the right (with my son Seth in the middle):

And the final photo that I have is of Elizabeth (the Bar Mitzvah boy's Aunt on the right) and her partner Vanessa:

That covers all the niece and nephew pictures I have from the trip. Again, my apologies to Catherine (Dan and Elizabeth's younger sister) and Rob (my sister's youngest son). If any family readers have pictures of them, I will add them later.

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