Saturday, September 1, 2007

Recording Family Recollections

Just a quick post here. In a few minutes I head downstairs where my niece Elizabeth is going to shoot some video footage of my sister, brother and me. She wants us to talk about family history, or at least those memories we might have. It should be fun and interesting.

I did warn her that it was risky to interview all 3 of us in a group. When we are together, we have a tendency to all talk at the same time, interrupting each other and plowing ahead to make sure we make the points we want to make even if no one is really listening. I suspect the same trait appears in other families when they get together after long separations. Elizabeth said that she would take care of our natural tendencies to interrupt each other. We shall see.

It is a bit sobering to think that what is about to be recorded will become part of a visual family history that will allow younger and future Cohanim to hear the words and see the faces of those of us who are now elders after we have moved on. But I am also excited about Elizabeth's project.


Just got back from the shoot. It went both well and as I expected; there always seemed to be a minimum of 2 voices speaking. My sister-in-law had a lot to say and clarify but wanted to stay off-camera. AT times it seemed a bit chaotic but Elizabeth feels that she elicited a lot of good information from us.

Although I was a bit skeptical about interviewing us as a group, I must confess that the interchanges between my brother, sister and me also triggered a lot of memories that might have remained hidden had she talked to us individually.

Thank you Elizabeth for asking us to share our recollections with you.


Eric Valentine said...

I feel so pleased for you Leon, that things went so well and as you predicted.

I do hope the rest of your weekend goes well... Enjoy.. :)

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